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Ensom City

Bunchful for Amazon team — 2021

Out of the two graphic design interns at Bunchful, a small tech startup, I was chosen to brand a new segment of their business called Ensom City. I was given the logo, and a brief on what the project was — a talent sharing platform as a team-building event for Amazon employees. It was a demo of this new service.

ad billboard.jpg

Below are some of my favorites of the advertisements I created for the project. While they were initially created for social media, particularly LinkedIn, I mocked up a version above on a billboard displaying the versatility of these simple yet eye-catching designs.

EC Magazine cover 2.jpg

Because some of the copy included the word "spotlight" I decided to take the theme of the talent spotlight and run with it. The founder of the company loved color, which isn't my design style, yet I was able to incorporate my own graphic identity with the clients need and founders aesthetic.

Unfortunately many of the assets I created I am unable to share due to NDA agreements, but the examples above are a mockup of the pitch book for the business proposal. Among the missing elements are the typesetting of the book, email layouts, certificates of completion, and the presentation of the proposal. 

Many of the assets, including the pitch book above utilized a custom font I created called Split Serif. Paired with the classic typeface Didot for both header and paragraph styles for cohesion in typography.

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