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Here is my resume as a PDF if you wish to download.

I am searching for positions primarily in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Type Design, Marketing, and Editorial. Please reach out if you would like to discuss how my skillset and qualifications might make me the best person for the needs of your position. 



Graphic Design Intern. New York, NY 2020

•   Worked directly with founder Raquel Miller, gaining huge insight and inspiration to being a passionate and driven self-starter

•   Increased design and social media skills by designing a plethora of social media posts banners, certificates, letterhead, and more

•   Expanded widely my branding skills when given the opportunity to chiefly design and brand a new product for an Amazon client called Ensom City Talent Quest

•   Currently continuing with Bunchful as a part-time Graphic Designer

Harlem Grown

Collaborator. New York, NY 2019

•   Worked alongside Jason De Pecol, Agricultural Director, and Gabriella Rodriguez, Director of Communications and Outreach

•   Created a meal package program to help families learn to cook meals from the raw produce that Harlem Grown supplies to the community: Designed to include culturally relevant healthy, and vegan recipes

•   Strengthened my skills researching and designing with a specific impact goal for a unique audience

Hess Industries

Metal Fabrication Intern. Baltimore, MD 2017

•   Studied under David Hess, acclaimed public artist and sculptor specializing in metal & wood

•   Designed and fabricated “mock assault rifles” for a “Gun Show” and personal art projects exploring new mediums

•   Gained hands-on experience in industrial metalworking, including plasma cutters, TIG & MIG welders, grinders, and many saws

•   Pitched projects, arranged installations, packaged and sent art / products, and balanced artistry with client needs


Marketing Intern. New York, NY 2020

•   Worked with Marketing Director Kristen Kelso on an outreach project for queer Latinx New Yorkers called Haus of Dust

•   Collaborated in, constructed, and implemented marketing strategies to engage community and partners alike through social media and outreach

•   Spearheaded the writing and application of two core grants and contributed heavily to other language by editing and ideating

•   Created marketing initiatives through set design, photography, copywriting, and graphic design

Nelson Worldwide

Interior Design Intern, Atlanta, GA 2017

•   Worked alongside Studio Director Michelle Forte (Dietrich) renovating an Atlanta condo

•   Designed master bathroom and living room furniture layout and lighting choice

•   Learned preliminary CAD skills, identified and sourced materials, coordinated with and managed contractors for implementation

•   Deepened understanding of color schemes and spatial relationships in bringing a client’s vision to life

Taylored Architecture

Assisting Intern. Clayton, NY 2016

•   Studied under founder and owner Architect Johnathan Taylor, and Kristen Taylor, Interior Designer at Taylor + Co. Interiors

•   Designed the exterior color scheme and interior lighting for a restaurant

•   Extended CAD skills by surveying and rendered residential homes, presented designs to zoning boards, pitched designs to clients, and representing the firm at a networking event

•   Gained insight and knowledge operating within a successful business beyond design tasks

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