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Apartment Scape

Thesis Project — 2022

Apartment Scape is the entrepreneurial concept I created for my senior thesis as a means to expand three core aspects of my studies as a creative. 


1. Branding. Apartment Scape allowed me to expand my branding skills by creating a cohesive and consistent look through imagery, typography, logo, and marketing design elements.


2. Entrepreneurship.Through business model canvasing, customer mapping, competitor analysis, etc., it allowed me to delve into the concepts required to consider when launching a business or design studio.


3. Biophilic Design. Through research this project allowed me to delve deep into the ideas of Biophilic Design—a concept which guides many of my design ideals, and is the key driving passion for this project. 

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Billboard Advertisement

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Subway Ad

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Poster  Ad


Website Landing Page

Artboard 1 Copy_4x.png

Creating a cohesive brand is something I have done a lot of in my studies and in my work experience. 

In this project I decided to use a single typeface to be the face of the brand. I needed something versatile as both a display and for copy that would be modern yet not too trendy. I choose Orpheus Pro for the job. 


Web shop.jpg

Across both web and print the dark theme stays true with striking black backgrounded photographs of plants. this increases contrast and is a unique and different setting for greenery which is typically photographed in light. This shows the versatility of design with plants.


For the logo I also used Orpheus Pro as a base for the design. I used a swash glyph A and flourished it through the crossbar and then down resembling the vining plant of a Pothos—a staple in the houseplant world.


I was inspired by the classic initial logos used by countless interior design firms and publications, but I wanted something to specifically invoke our key difference—we design with plants! 


As an entrepreneurial endeavor, I was able to expand my mind into the world of considering a business outside of design and branding.

I created a business model canvas, customer journey maps, pains and gains for the audience, competitor analysis, etc. to understand how Apartment Scape would survive and thrive on the market.

Within my research I spoke with many likeminded individuals and was able to present my work with other designers in the Shopify location in Soho where my work was up for a week, and where I gave a brief pitch of the idea.

IMG_6506 copy.jpg

Presenting at Shopify

IMG_2676 copy.jpg

Discussing the project


My mother and I with my project

Below are the posters which I presented in the Shopify pop-up space. Within them you can read more about the brand as well as service offerings. Or click the link to see more as well!

AS shopify for web-03.jpg
AS shopify for web-04.jpg
AS shopify for web-02.jpg
AS shopify for web-01.jpg
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