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Calligraphy has always been a part of my artistic practice—here are some examples of my letterforms working in the design and digital realms—working typefaces.

Artboard 1_4x.png

Split Serif is a display style typeface I designed inspired by iconic high-contrast designs used frequently in editorial publications such as in Vogue  and Architectural Digest. Using a split line on certain thin strokes I was able to create something subtly unique when used in a heading size, while maintaining striking difference in a display setting. 


Specimen of entire alphabet, and my favorite letters in display size.

EC Magazine cover.jpg

Example of the Split Serif used in an editorial setting for a project. 


MLCyrillic is a typeface that I designed inspired by an old Cyrillic set of type I came across in a typographical book. I used its style to create a functional font, as well as adapted it to the Latin alphabet for my own use in typography. 


Specimen displaying both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets of MLCyrillic 

Ref_ 5 copy.jpg

Source of inspiration.


Example of the font in use — Cyrillic Russian Ouija style spirit board.

Artboard 2.png

Big Head is a typeface that I am creating currently. I was drawing letters as I often do for inspiration for calligraphy and other aspects of my life as a designer, and I created this letter A. I liked it so much I decided to begin creating the rest of the alphabet.

Artboard 3.png
Artboard 1.png

Specimen of the font's name as well as characters I have created thus far.

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